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“PAX network Ltd will continually improve its system of business approach to ensure that its clients are dealt with professionally and effectively”

PAX network Co., Ltd.


PAX      PAX network’s primary focus today is traditional telecommunications industry. We are Telecommunications Service Company. The company was formed in 2004.

      The company’s founder and Managing Director were expertise in Telecommunications supporting services comprehensive of installation, commissioning and site documentation, and has over 15years experience in Telecommunication industry.

      The Telecom engineer and Site documentation teams are staffed with professionals that have substantial experience in Telecom implementation in the global telecommunications markets. This enables PAX network to be closely tailored to customer needs.

Established Organization

      PAX network has dedicated right staffs for quality monitoring and controlling to focus on. Our professional staff close to our customers' operations to ensure customer knowledge intimacy at all times, the performance statistic has set for applicable status report.

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      PAX network is structured under a flat line of command, enabling all the functions be performed swiftly and effectively without red-tapes. In addition, we are highly concerned about the parallel intra-organizational communication between the operational and marketing functions, in order to ensure that there would be no unattainable promises.

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