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NBCT License

NBCT License

Why PAX Network ??

PAX is to work side by side with you in solving your complexity problems on site implementation. We are sure that, in your project, you would not want to face such problems as:-

  • Impractical Site documentation system
  • Unclear communication throughout the planning system
  • Dissimilar requirements for a single project with many regions
  • Time constraint
  • Inexperienced project site documentation and Installation staff, together with highly-paid engineers.





Pax's Vision

By the next 2 years, we are to stand out as one of the leading sub-contractors, by manipulating IT technologies and software as well as sophisticated tools in its operations. Such tools include Online Site Survey software that enables its clients to monitor the activities at their office and take part in planning process. Our database software holds details of all our projects; therefore the management team can keep a close check of particular progress and milestones. This can also smooth away the complexity of myriad documents relating to each project. No doubt, we will move ahead to pursue our supreme services and professional advancement at all times.

PAX network get consulting services and products packed together to develop strong customer relationships and advance its product offerings.

PAX Network will pursue those projects which can be made into products and marketed to other potential customers. We employed strict criterion to determine which consulting services projects it undertakes. Unless there is an opportunity to productize or repeat the solution being developed, the project will not be pursued.

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